Things I learned this week.

In no particular order other than for dramatic and needy, pimping effect.

Adults don’t always get nits from their children. Sometimes they get them from somewhere else and that’s actually worse. I can’t tell you how much I hate not being able to roll my eyes and blame it on a small girl.

If your back feels terrible but you want to save money on an osteopath, ignoring it won’t help and eventually you will not be able to get out of bed without a crane and between nits, temporary disablement, snot and leaking boobs, you will feel as sexy as a slime covered fart with a weight problem.

If you host your own blog, which is not difficult or expensive, you can divert a link inwards to your own website to go somewhere else instead. It doesn’t solve anything particularly, but it might make you laugh. And let’s be honest, there are times when stooping to someone else’s level is about all there is left to do.

Sometimes a slightly off colour baby will get purple, non-blanching spots appear suddenly. It is exactly right to panic and seek immediate help, though better if someone slightly calmer does the driving to the hospital. It is exactly right to go to the place you know they will get the fastest treatment and not worry about anything other than doing that. Going to the hospital immediately, not in 1 hour if they spread, is right and might be the hour that saves your babies life. And even though it is apparently possible for a baby to get purple spots that don’t disappear when pressed and them not be meningitis, no doctor, ward, hospital or any other health professional will ever think you did the wrong thing in taking up their time.

So if you ever look down at your babies foot while having a conversation about how you are starting to believe he will stay now and is well and see 4 unexplained purple marks on his leg that definitely don’t pale when pressed, go to hospital. Immediately. Do not pass go. Don’t even wait to gather a nappy bag.

I also learned that I do not really cope too well in a health crisis just yet. I’m probably going to have to try and deal with that.

I discovered that sad as I am to have lost one of the needles that I knitted Freddie’s blanket on during afore mentioned dash (didn’t take nappies, did take knitting… Go figure) I am recovered enough to have more important things to do than be worrying about such things.

And lastly, I discovered that it is now just under two weeks till the mad blog award voting closes. As well as blog of the year, I’m in two categories that can be voted for. I didn’t feel very inspiring while I sobbed hysterically on a nurse on Friday night and said that if Ben was going to die I was going home now without him because I couldn’t do that again, but I like to think I’ve had my better moments, so if you can think of any, Patch of Puddles would love your vote.

And if that isn’t playing on my experiences for my own gain, I don’t know what is 😉


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  1. says

    Phew! And I thought I’d had a tough week!
    So glad Ben is ok.
    Ernest decided yesterday to ride his wheelybug down the two steep concrete steps at our back door, and head first onto the concrete patio. He’s fine, massive bruise on his forhead that will make grannies gasp in the streets for a few days, but he’s fine…I’m still shaking and checking for signs of brain damage.

  2. Jax Haskell says

    Too many Life Lessons going on there Merry – you deserve a Zen week this week!
    Glad all is well, and you sure did make the right decision.
    Big hugs.

  3. says

    The hospital dash is the worst Merry, or at least one of the worst as it is so terrifying it is impossible to do the sensible things you know you should and recklessly uncontrolled whist being boring and step by step and weird. I understand the hysteria and sobs, to a degree, though I’ve been lucky too I know. But huge hugs, drama is so hard to contain when you have to go back straight into family life. Go steady. x

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