Klimt inspired art.

I needed a shove today to get creative (actually, I needed several shoves just to get upright :( ) and thankfully Maggie from Red Ted Art came through with her new Kids Get Arty linky. As an aside, Maggie did a lovely guest post for me on MuddlePuddle the other week, which is a really nice easy craft for small people and worth a look.

As I’m not currently bendy enough to move, I did rely on the kids getting on with this while taking time out for music lessons as they went along – they did really well. Honestly, the back thing is rubbish, like being pregnant the wrong way round :(

First we read a little on Klimt from an Usborne book and then looked at lots of his work on Google images. They liked The Kiss and Maddy was taken with the people in general but the younger girls went with the tree of life images – possibly I have brain washed them!

I got out scrapping stuff, tissue, scraps of Fimo, beads and card and left them too it, once we’d discussed the basics of the art work, focusing on colour, simplicity, the patterns inside the mosaic elements of the pieces etc but they mostly just found their own way with it.

Maddy’s woman.

Amelie’s @Bush of Life’ (ahem) with millifiori canes.

Josie’s beaded Tree of Life, possibly the best independent bit of art she has done yet.

I loved them all and really enjoyed watching them doing unprescribed creating. We all enjoyed his style and may do more tomorrow.

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