Give it some love (blogging about blogging).

I do try not to.

But this has been an awesome (to quote Josie) week.

I was included in a round up of educational posts, proving beyond doubt that cakes on plates is the way forward and I should be Minister for Maths. (There is no point telling me you have to be good at maths for such a job, look at the chancellors we’ve had.

I have been included in a political round up (ha…ha…ah… falls off chair!) for my post on smacking and the realities of slightly failed parenting. A post I expected to get pilloried by the way and have been remarkably cheered to discover I’m not the only crap parent in town 😉

I got to guest post at the Tots100 on not taking blogging too seriously ( 😆 present post excepted 😉 )and it’s possible if you visit them at 10am tomorrow you might find yourself in my Ten at 10 picks of the week too :)

PoP reached the dizzy heights of NUMBER THIRTEEN on the ebuzzing parenting rankings.

But best of all, so exciting that I may actually pop and call myself a small exploded splodge of excitement…..

Mum and Dad Blog Awards 2012Patch of Puddles made it to the final 5 in no less than THREE categories of the Mad Blog Awards – Blog of the Year, Blog Post of the Year and Most Inspirational.

Obviously I’m gutted not to be in Thrifty or Fashion 😉 😉

And I have cute new little cloud SOcial Media button – thank you Tim 😆 😀

Thank you so much if you nominated me and.. ahem, could you go and vote for me now too? It’ll only take a moment. The form has drop down boxes and everything.

I’m chuffed to pieces. Thank you again.

(Now go vote… I’m up against flipping Northern Mum again and she wiped the floor with me last year :roll: )

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  1. says

    Big congrats on the MAD Finals – you’ve got my vote (well actually that is ‘had’ as I’ve already done it!!)

    Only just found your blog (lord knows why it took me so long), but I am loving it and look forward to including future posts in the BritMums Education Round Up – they don’t all have to involve cake, though it may help…

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