Thank you and please.

I’ve had so much encouragement and support through this blog over the years and none more than in the last two years and the last two months. If ever there was a roller coaster of a life, we’ve lived it. Two years ago I thought I would never be happy again. It’s a different sort of happy, but I am, thank goodness.

What I owe my sanity to though,alongside my sister, my husband and my friends are all the people who kept me going here. From mothers of other lost babies, to home educators from my past and present, business owners I’ve known as we grew the world of online retail together to parent bloggers I have got to know in the last year. And more. It’s been amazing and being able to talk has allowed me to get through it. I’ve read every comment, even when life was too overwhelming to write back.

If I could tell the world one thing, it would be ‘never say nothing to a parent who lost a child in case you say the wrong thing. Be mindful of your words, but even saying you are sorry for their loss will help’. To everyone who has read and wondered whether to comment, I promise every last time someone took the time to type some words helped.

Last year I was lucky enough to make the final 5 in two categories of the MAD Blog Awards. I got to go to the ceremony which was brilliant and I loved it. Being in the ‘Most Inspiring’ and ‘Best Family Life’ categories truly encouraged me to be better at both those things. Blog land has exploded so much this year that I doubt I will get the same chance but just this once I will ask you if you would spare a moment to vote. Each vote counts as only the top 4 go through on votes to the final.

This year I have a nomination in blog of the year, pregnancy, baby, best writer, school days, home, inspirational, family life and small business (I think.. thank you, I’m very touched to be in so many!). If I could nominate myself (which I won’t) I would make this my post of the year Second because it marked a moment of ending one part of our life and beginning another.

MAD Blog Awards 2012

There are hundreds of fabulous blogs to dip into on the news page of the site. I so wanted round up my favourites but I’m not getting time. But if you have a minute, I would love you to vote for Patch of Puddles.

Thank you.

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