St Patrick's Day round up.

Continuing in my theme of always being behind, here is a round up of the crafts we ended up having fun with for St Patrick’s Day. We did manage to find out a bit about the real story too, mostly because Amelie uttered the importal #homeedfail sentence…..

“What’s that story about St Patrick and the leprechauns???”

:roll: :roll: :roll:

In our quest to do every possible festivity in Fimo, Hama and pompoms,we really went for it.

One pompom leprechaun 😆

I fell properly in love with Maddy’s Fimo green chap.

And her hat, made from card and covered in PVA and green tissue was nothing short of fabulous.

Maddy was in fact my main crafty compatriot in this. Her Lego was brilliant 😆
Lego St Patrick's Day model.

She even helped me organise some new free Hama Bead patterns, though we didn’t get as far as making them this time.

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