Spring Crafts & Rainbow PomPoms

We’ve been mostly hanging out together in the living room this week, either with Lego or crafty stuff once all the music and ordinary work is done.

One thing we’ve been really proud of and which was a proper group effort, was this rainbow pom pom banner, made partly in celebration of St Patrick’s Day, partly to cheer up the room on a very grey day and partly in celebration of Ben.

It’s very cheerful and lovely and we like it very much (I’m not sure Max approves, but everyone else does 😆 ) We used our trusty pompom makers and some cheap and cheerul Robins DK wool from our craft cupboard. Half of each pom pom was made in each colour to make it blend across the range  with blue and white for sky and clouds at the end. I’m tempted to hang a sun and raindrops on it for early years educational extras 😆

There has been Hama beading too. Maddy made this fab bowl…

and Amelie made a design for Mother’s Day…

I made a pen pot, my first 3D design for ages. You can see more about all of them (designs to follow) over on BeadMerrily.

I’ve also been putting together a Spring Craft page on MuddlePuddle and I’ve started linking some posts on here together over on the right. I really need to go back through my archives and find some olden days stuff. There must be some. I’m sure I used to write proper home ed posts on here.

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  1. says

    Maddy’s bowl is beautiful! I must get our hama beads out again – they’re currently off-limits as a result of Rose’s little spell of putting them in her nose!


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