St Patrick Day craft.

One or other of the children pointed out that with rainbows and green as his theme, we should have called Ben Patrick instead. I did try, but no one would have it at the time :)

Today I wanted to do something crafty with the girls and got as far as pulling out some inspiration, including the pinterest board I did last year (but failed to be meaningful with then too). Unfortunately life got in the way again, with an infernal itch in my scar driving me mad till I had to go to the doctor to have a stitch cut out (which hasn’t really worked). Still Maddy, Josie and Amelie had a good go and tomorrow I will definitely find a story to read to them so they know a bit more about it.

 A while ago Maddy tried to do something without using fimo for any of it. However in the end she conceded that fimo is good for everything 😆 these look lovely and would make great fridge magnets I think. The letters are metal letter stamps thati got for the princely sum of £15 on eBay. We used some. Zoe’s last week, proper engineering ones. I don’t know why these were so cheap, given other sets were 10 times the cost, but I do love them and can foresee lots of crafting with them.

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    I absolutely love the shamrock and gold nugget with the stamps in them. I think making them magnets is a brilliant idea — this is something I am subscribing to a lot these days!

    Sorry to hear you are still in discomfort. I hope it heals soon.

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