Jumbo Garden Connect 4 Review

I’m not entirely sure why we don’t have Connect 4 in our arsenal of games at home; we definitely did, but I suspect it may have fallen victim to the plague of hapless and untidy girls over the years. It’s a shame, because it has to be the simplest and cleverest game there is – noughts and crosses mark 2 really – and even I like playing it. It’s one of those games that has lots of plus points; it is very simple even for little ones, it is quick and it teaches strategy and looking ahead.

I was very glad when we were offered a chance to review it for GardenGames although to be honest, I couldn’t really see quite how a BIG version could be any better than small. This jumbo size one is 75cm tall, made of green painted wood (with a bag for the pieces) and very solid and heavy. Given it is cold and wet outside at the moment, it wasn’t likely to be used outside even though that is the intention of it, but it is nicely made enough to actually look reasonably at home in our house :)

What surprised me was there was a lot of fun to be had from a jumbo sized set (ahem!) There were tournaments and hilarity and there was laughter and family fun. It pulled a lot of strings and has been played far more than a small set would have been. I like the look and feel (though I admit I miss the bobbled edges of the same sized pieces). Josie started off by wailing and losing every game but, as you can see from this game, has learned a lot. That’s her peeping delightedly through having just totally cornered Maddy and beaten her.

I think this would be lovely for a house with a big garden or one with lots of visiting kids; it’s a great summer party game, but would equally suit a childminder, a nursery or a school. I think we’ll probably pass this on to a local kids group eventually, but right now I don’t stand a chance at parting them from it – it’s much too popular!

Disclosure: we were sent this game to review for free. All opinions are genuine and my own.