The one where I decide vlogging is not my thing

I like blogging (I know, go figure!) – I love that I get to craft words. I also love to talk (I know, I know) and for all my normal working life I was a sales person who relished selling products I believed in to people I could see. I still do. I’m passionate about the toys we sell; we don’t sell anything I don’t give to my children and I strive to sell any toys I love my children having. In person, I’m a great sales person too, I hope mostly because I have never once in my life tried to get anyone to buy something that won’t suit them.

So when I was given the chance to vlog three lovely John Crane GoGo products, I was delighted, because I love them, I sell them and I am completely behind that company, the products and the ideas behind them. Like I say, I don’t sell anything I don’t believe in.

Turns out though, I’m rubbish at video reviews – and after procrastinating for ages and then the video camera breaking and then not being able to find the camera cable (and… and…and…) I finally resorted to getting the children to do it, with a voice over from me. I’ve written some comments below each one too which I hope is more succinct than the vlog 😆


GoGo Toys Wooden Memory Game

I really love this toy, which is a great way of playing a memory game for young children. The boards and feel of the game are beautiful and the drawings details and attractive and excellent talking points. The pieces feel nice and it’s easy to be straight into the game quickly. I think you could easily make your own boards for it too. It’s one I’m proud to have on our virtual shelves.

GoGo Toys Balloons & Rings Maths Tool

This is closer to a maths manipulative than a toy and ideally suited to a school, nursery or child minding environment. There are a huge number of expansion games you could play as well as the ones demonstrated in the video; colour sequencing, odd and even, relative sizes of number groups, tens and units etc. It’s a chunky, solid, hard wearing game with plenty of potential.


GoGo Garden Wooden Toy

This is essentially a very beautiful sequencing and matching toy and it works really well. It could be used as a simple matching toy, and works really well for that, but it is definitely a toy in its own right, ideal for games, design and adding other toys into it to play in the ‘garden’. I love that it is self contained and all packs away into a sturdy wooden box.


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