Hello baby

Trying not to think too hard about the fact that stress can harm an unborn child. Its been a stressful few days. Somehow I’m booked on a section list. That wasn’t quite what I meant to happen and now that I am, I am deeply sure that is not how I want this baby to be born :( Still, Marmite, as you can see, was peeping back at us today.


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  1. Angela says

    Hello sweet one!

    I was so worried that Bennett would be ill from all the stress I sent his way, or that he would be a maladjusted baby, unable to settle, high strung, but he’s fine. He is calm, a relatively easy baby, not very fussy, bright, happy, full of smiles.

    You have to do what’s best for you, and if getting off the section list is what you need, then do it. It’s so hard to decide how, or when, a baby should be born after loss. I struggled with it, and I honestly have no advice for you other than follow your heart and those fierce mama instincts.

  2. says

    Same as Angela here – I was a nervous wreck and barely able to function for some periods but have been gifted the most cheerful easygoing baby ever. Statistics mean nothing to the individual as I’m sure you know. Hopefully you’ll get a nice cheerful baby like us.

    Can you not just stay on the list with the full intention of coming off it nearer the time – IF that’s still what you want? Or would that cause you more problems if you end up going into labour and then suddenly find everyone sending you off for a section.

    Your choice seems so impossible. It must be so hard for you. Thinking of you, and I LOVE the scan pic! Hi Marmite xx

  3. says

    Yep, a nervous wreck twice over here as well. The only thing that helped me with both of my c-sections is that neither of them were booked until 24 hours before. The obs/midwives knew I never wanted to book a date as that was only feeding my rampant anxiety so they were willing to just slip me in on a day when I was ready. Of course I wanted to both birth of them naturally, but for reasons I know you understand, that didn’t happen, so when the c-sections were booked in, I only had to wait through one more night to get there. That was my way of coping, but we all have to do it in a way that works for us.
    I am here for you, Merry.

    • says

      You are completely right. I’ve cancelled it just before I read your comment. I wanted to book an induction, not a section. I just can’t deal with booking a section. I know an induction will probably lead to a section, but that isn’t the same.

      • says

        I hope you get to push your little boy out Merry, without complications, and that he’s bright, alert, happy, healthy, feeds well and promptly goes home with you, bundled up in your arms.

  4. Jill (Fireflyforever) says

    Gorgeous little marmite. I’m glad you’ve been able to cancel the section. What gets us through pregnancy and birth after loss will be different for each individual mama. I’m pleased that you were able to feel so certain – that’s a good way to figure out what is right for you and Marmite. I so hope you get to push a loud and screamy baby into the world, Merry.

  5. says

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the labour and birth goes the way you want it to. And what a gorgeous boy – already playing for the camera. x

  6. Cara says

    Glad you could make a decision that makes you feel better (even if it is just for the time being until the next stressful thing comes along.) I’ve had a date booked for over 2 months and now I don’t think I can make it that long. There is nothing easy about this whole mess is there?

  7. says

    Glad that you’re following your gut instinct Merry. This is such a tricky thing – I hope you’ve got good supportive midwives & doctors who are listening to you and who you trust. Sending lots of good thoughts – I know you are an amazing mum and you’ll make the best possible call on this.

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