Flower Power thanks to Interflora

When I got an email the other week asking if I would like to sample the delights of a bouquet of flowers from the lovely Interflora, I may have squeaked quite loudly. Well, okay, shrieked with delight rather a lot, if I’m honest! I’m a complete sucker for flowers, whether in the garden or in my living room and one of my favourite things since starting shopping at the market is that the girls bring me a small bunch most weeks. There is something about the smell and the colour that just lifts me sky high.

The Bright Bouquet from Interflora didn’t disappoint; the colours are sumptuous and they smell divine, plus the mix of roses and the blue flowers was unusual and eye-catching. I like the idea of a strong set of colours, a little less typically feminine and really packing a punch with a bunch! It’s a novel idea, but I think these could even be good Father’s Day Gifts for the right sort of Dad, especially if you want to please the woman in his life at the same time!

As a business owner myself, one of the things I know people really value is good customer service and Interflora didn’t disappoint here either. For some reason, my first bunch had suffered a mishap in transit, although you couldn’t tell from outside the box but when I let them know, Interflora replaced them in almost no time. I think a company speaks volumes for itself if it can deal with problems in a quick, no-quibble fashion and they deserve a thumbs up for that.

Interflora used a delivery company to get the bouquet to me, carefully boxed in a cool carton with a deliciously damp foot snuggly for the stems. I laughed, because I had been talking to the washing machine driver the other day who said that when he delivers in London, it is always up stairs, much in the manner of a current advert on TV. I’ve never known flowers be delivered by courier before, but if they now do that country wide, I imagine florists in London are much happier these days!

Disclosure: I was sent these flowers (both original and replacement bouquets) for free by Interflora in exchange for this review.

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