A Typical Home Ed Day in Photos – request for carnival submissions

A long time ago, when blogging was just a bright young thing, some people from the Early Years Home Ed group started a tradition of blogging a ‘typical home ed day in photos’ every year in May. The idea was slightly a joke, as not many home ed families have a ‘typical’ day :) but it took off and has been a lovely thing to read and look at over the years. The Early Years Blogring, that yellow box on the right, is a testament to the numbers of people who connect and share ideas and support through blogging their home educating life.

I confess that I haven’t taken part for a couple of years. My most read one is here, although I have done others since, and there is always a lovely one at the Beans and I’m hoping some other people will find me links to previous ones of theirs too so I can add them.(Please!)

Home Ed is much (MUCH!) more mainstream than it was when we started, but I still think it is lovely to get a snapshot of the myriad of ways and days and styles and sheer diversity in how we choose to educate our children.

So I invite you to capture a day, for posterity, in photos on your blog of a day, any day, and how it happened. Sort of like the census but also very much not 😉

A Home Ed Day in Photos

There is a badge if you’d like to use it (I might change it, so use the code to pull it from here so it doesn’t matter if I do; this was one I had to hand!) and I’d like it very much if you would pop your links into the comments and I’ll add them to the body of a post that I do on Wednesday 18th May. It would be lovely if you let other home educators you know of about the carnival and lovely if you would link back here and to a few of your favourites in your own post.

I’ve lost touch with my home ed roots a bit over this last year and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to read some home ed blogs again and meet some new people.

I hope you’ll join me :)


<strong>Here is the badge code:-</strong>
<p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=”http://www.patchofpuddles.co.uk/archives/5320/a-home-education-day-in-photos”><img title=”homeedday” src=”http://patchofpuddles.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/homeedday4.jpg” alt=”A Home Ed Day in Photos” width=”128″ height=”130″ /></a></p>


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  2. says

    due to the linktastic nature of my comment it has been eaten :) I promise it is only previous photoblog links I am spamming you with 😉

  3. says

    Doing it today. Fairly sure I have a couple of pages of links of previous carnivals, but I haven’t done it for a few years now :(

  4. Clare says

    I’ve only just seen this (*sorry*) but would love to join in. It’ll be a little late though, if that’s okay?

    • says

      Well technically it is intended to be just a single day, a snapshot of however it falls, but in practise, I really don’t think anyone will call you out on it :)

  5. Joxy says

    I’ll do this in a couple of days, Rye is at his dad’s for 2 days now and I’ve not been the snappiest of photographers of late.

    But yes I will join in and pop something up by the 18th.

  6. says

    Hi Merry. Thanks for dropping by :) I completely understand. Re the carnival – I shall try to take part IF the engineer can get my internet back up & running! Phones are great, but I miss my pc – sigh!

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