That's a lot…ment. *whooty whoot whoot*

Ahem, just to get this out of the way,So, just in case you didn’t know, the last day for The Mads Nominations is tomorrow; I’m in Blogger of the Year, Writer, Inspirational, Craft, Family Life and Small Business and if you have time to vote for any blogs before closing date, I’d appreciate it so much :) Every nomination counts for getting to that final 5.

Then in other news… we got an allotment! This has come a good year earlier than I expected, thanks to them adding space on a piece of common ground on the edge of a play area/cemetery near us. They’ve added 6 plots to ones that have been there 12 years. it’s very cheap, as it isn’t enclosed, but they’ve had no trouble in 12 years and so I guess we’ll just be optimistic. It has water, a gorgeous play area near by, is open, quiet and friendly and I’m really pleased.

Hopefully it will be a nice place to spend time. The area to the side of ours is spare for more places to be turned over if anyone wants, but if not, will become wild meadow land. It’s a lovely spot for the girls to play, picnic or help, a nice size pitch of about half to two thirds of our old one we shared and I’m looking forward to being there.

The last couple of weeks have been really busy for the girls; last week Amelie spent 3 nights with her friend Buttercup, while Fran took the lead role in a production of We Will Rock You at dancing. Loved watching her do that, she did very well.

This week Maddy has done 3 hours a day of TKD camp at her club plus evening sessions too. She has got very fit looking round the middle from it! Yesterday they all went off to the rugby club for an afternoon and Maddy had a 3 hour coaching session with visiting Will Greenwood and Austin Healey. She absolutely loved it and hasn’t stopped wearing her signed cap and shirt since :)
Maddy And Austin Healey 2
I don’t suppose they’ll ever wander by here, but just in case – thank you both so much for coming along and doing such a fabulous job with the kids at Lions Rugby Club.

Today we’ve had a visit from Claire and Charlie which was lovely and all of them have played their hearts out. We may have gossiped a bit :) And I knitted. 9 squares to go on the blanket and I’m determined to get it finished. And I’m day 2 of Clomid and haven’t murdered anyone yet :)

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  1. Sarah says

    That allotment looks massive. When do you find the time to do all of these things? I seriously need to take a look at my (lack of ) timekeeping and skills – a few pots are all I can manage. Must spend more time than I think just pootling!

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