Easter Hama Bead Designs

Maddy made this last year, the day before Freddie was born. It’s kind of a funny thing, now. I love it though.

The girls have made various things over the last week, to help me out with some new pages on BeadMerrily, home of all things Hama Bead-y.This is from one of the Mini Bead books. Fran made it up in Midi Beads. It’s big, but it really works well. They’ve done other things too. I want to make Spring and Easter things to hang from the magnolia trees.

Over at BeadMerrily, I’ve put together some pages to inspire you:-

There are patterns of rabbits, ducks and chicks made by my friend Shazann.

A Rainbow Easter Display.

Lots of designs to do on the Egg Board. We’ve got a money saving Hama Bead bumper pack that includes the board.

Designs to make on the Flower Pegboard.

Some Hama Bead Easter and Spring Designs from around the internet.

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