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In conversation with friends the other day, I realised I have become a bit of a recluse in some way, possibly a little bit pathetically so. It isn’t that we don’t go out, we do – we see plenty of people and the girls do everything they should and want to – but I’ve stopped going places where I can’t make a reasonable prediction about how emotionally safe it is and I normally only go places with another adult, either a friend, or Max.

This seemed like something to be nipped in the bud before it went any further, so on Friday we went to Activity World. I figured the pm would have less babies and toddlers so we went then and I sat an made bracelets for a couple of hours while the girls ran wild. It was fine and we stayed until the one newish baby there started to wail, which felt a bit much and we were due to leave then any way. it was a small step, but I was proud of myself for that. It is one thing to grieve and need time and space and another to slip into ‘mad with cats’ territory.

Saturday morning was another small step for me and Fran. She was invited to take her bracelets (free shipping on MadeMerrily Etsy at the moment with 10% from her and a matched 10% from us going to the Japan Appeal, use discount code JPSHIP) to a coffee morning at someone’s house in town. She did really well, sold quite a few bracelets and talked very confidently to people who wanted to know about her. I as proud :)


After that there was a lot of running about to dancing exams, lessons, rugby and then in the afternoon of Sunday the big girls ran with Max and Amelie and I went out to start the Couch2-5K challenge. We did the first workout and were very proud of ourselves :) I’m REALLY not built for running but we did 20 minutes of alternate 1 minute walking running and walking with 5 minute walks at each end. Then we went off swimming and I did 25 lengths but had to keep ahead of Fran who did 20 and Maddy who did 13! Was very impressed as they’ve not had lessons really so seeing they’ve finally learned how not to drown was good 😆

Apparently I need to do the running thing more than once though 😯

Maddy made this cute little chap.

Now I need to finish off a knitted project and then start planning some seed planting. Busy week this week, which will hopefully stop me thinking too much. Have an art day to blog too :)

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  1. SallyM says

    This prompted me to buy one of the picture holders for a birthday present, I knew I’d been meaning to do something! Am very impressed with your exercising :)

  2. Liz says

    I’ve been plugging away at the couch to 5k for far too long now … much longer than the eight weeks or whatever it’s supposed to be! It’s not that I can’t do it, just that something seems to get in the way every week or so lol

  3. says

    Total recluse here, only a serious allergy to pet dander has saved me from becoming the crazy cat lady. Good for you for getting out and about. Counting down the days with you.

    P.S. D loves the blue froggie.

  4. says

    I go out, but I still don’t go to places I don’t think I can cope with. I did try, I didn’t like it, so now I don’t go.
    I spose I may become a crazy rat lady,I’m rather smitten with Angus’ new pet rats, and have long chats with them while he’s at school!
    Fran’s stall looks fab. We love our bracelet. x

  5. says

    I’ve become a bit of a recluse, too, so you’re not alone in that. Good job, though, going out of your comfort zone and for running!

  6. Sarah says

    Well done getting out Taking four children anywhere on your own seems a challenge to me, never mind all the other ‘complications’. Might have to try activity world for a change, we always seem to end up at big sky.

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