Last weeks Latinetc & this weeks Historyetc

Here I am, back to record keeping.  Of all the myriad of reasons for doing that, along with ‘people come a read this blog and then tell me they started to home educate because it seemed do-able from what I write’ (a fact that is occasionally worrying to say the least!) I think my best reason is that I know one day I’ll look back on this and think “along with all the shit and all the heartache and all the grief, we had a wonderful time bringing up all the children we got to keep”.

My less laudable reasons are:-

1. So I can make the LEA go away again.

2. So I can feel smug on a good day and not so lax on a bad day.

3. Because it gives me time to zone out and not interact with the children.

4. Needing to have something to blog that night is often enough TO make me interact!

I think it would be more painless to revert to “something to read when I’m old”. I’ve dropped in on some of the posts that get randomly flagged up at the bottom of posts now and I can hardly remember any of it, so I’m confident that when I’m in my dotage, it will all be fresh and new to my tired brain cells again 😆

Last week we went off to Latinetc as normal. As I’m currently dinner lady, I get to listen in on the science, which was excellent as ever. The kids all made various concoctions and then had to work out what type of chemical reaction was occurring. It is fab and really the 6 year olds get the same opportunities as the bigger kids and come up with (arguably more sensible!) suggestions just like the older ones do.

There was also Latin (Fran LOVES Latin, she talked loads about it at her SALT appt today) and French and art which was an extension of a previous surreal faces topic.

(Zoe, have you still got Maddy’s original of the first one btw?)

Helen has blogged a good version of the day, since the Science is beyond me :)

This week was Historyetc. It was mainly on Greeks and Babylonians. The girls and I tried to catch up on the reading on the way over (we’re very behind but luckily they know LOTS about the Greeks from years of audiobooks at bedtimes).

The made books (something to do with some library or other :blush: ) and did maths based on something (they know, apparently to do with the various quantities of things found on an archaeological dig), made Minotaur peg dolls and masks and fabulous plaster of paris tiles, plus Hanging Gardens all planted out with seeds. It was a great day and Zoe and Helen did blogs of it already (so I don’t really have to!) As a bit of a giggle, I made “Hanging Baskets of Babylon” with them.






Maddy was incredibly proud of her free hand drawn chariot tile (top middle) and her Minotaur with added weapon. They all did brilliantly.

I don’t know what we’d have done without these sessions over the last year to be honest. Between Latin, Art and History, we have something going on almost every week. I find it tough and draining to be committed to going out on bad days, and I wish I contributed more to it, but the girls have just got so much out of it all. It is perfect for them.

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