Rabbit Hole

My friend Leslie pointed me to this trailer for a film. I think it is the most perfect representation of grief for a child that I have ever seen. This is exactly how I feel. This is exactly my life. The expression on her face when people talk of angels, the shot of her doing the washing and in the car – this is how it is.

Leslie has typed a quote from the original play. There is some hope in it, some hope that past experience has taught me I can expect. It is the equivalent of the “one day at suppertime” post at Glow.

It’s because my life is now exactly.. EXACTLY… like this clip, that I make the choices and decisions that I now make.


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      Sarah, I’m not sure I could watch it at the moment either, however moving it is. But I think, hopefully, I’ll get to that point one day.

  1. 'EF' x says

    The scene when the actress looked at the painting on the fridge was excruciating to witness. Unbearable. Sending you heart felt best wishes during this difficult time.

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    I saw this clip on Leslie’s blog too, and just bawled my eyes out, if the clip is anything to go by, it looks like it might be an accurate portayal of grief for a child. It certainly seemed a lot like my life too.

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    I think it spoke to each of us in this community. I saw it on a few blogs and was literally shocked- first at how much it paralleled my own feelings, and 2- that someone actually made a film about child loss that focuses on the subject with sensitivity and awareness as opposed to making it into science fiction. The writer and director deserve a huge hand at this accomplishment….
    xo Merry….

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    Have only just found time to actually watch the clip. Insightful in the extreme – not sure I’ll want to watch a whole 1.5 hrs of that …