Matisse/Klee Art Day

There is always a danger to deciding to make plans – and that tends to be for me that I automatically rebel and stop working to them :roll: I think this is probably a behaviour I should have outgrown by now.

Anyway, we did an Art.etc day with added Beans which was really lovely. I adore our pooled work days; regardless of whether they are lightweight or quite heavily weighted towards learning, they pretty much always turn out well and the kids have really progressed. Mine have definitely expanded their knowledge of art ideas, painters and materials and are approaching artwork in a very different way to the beginning of the year.

This time we used some easy-ish craft/art to explore a modern art and using shapes to create a scene ideas. We had some art cards and our usual pile of books and the girls all looked at them and listened obediently to the things we told them.

Zoe did this tissue craft with them, using cling-film to build up a picture from blocks of shape and colour.


Then we used a Djeco Abstract Art craft kit (they of the wonderful gel pens) and let them choose whether they followed the design ideas or went on their own path – they did different things (naturally) and the effect was remarkable.


After a good deal of play, bouncing and eating, they finished off with a pile of scrap Fimo and lots of shape cutters.

Polymer Clay Abstract Art

The idea though was to use a base colour and then either cut out and replace pieces or build up a picture using shapes on top of the base piece. They all did some quite different things, but they had quite a nice effect and several of them found they had done something kind of new and interesting, either in blending interesting mixtures and cutting out the best bits of the blend, or putting together a collage picture from it.



All in all, another good day :)

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