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Things come in runs. On Tuesday, a gym mum asked me how it was going having a boy after all those girls and then today at TKD someone asked me “what did you have?” It’s beyond me to say “a boy” and not tell them he died – and not possible anyway really as the conversations would naturally go on and then, you know, at what point do you say “no, he’s not crawling yet, he’s dead!” Besides, the gym mums at any rate are a close knit bunch and it’s just as easy to have the awkward moment sooner rather than later. Telling people “I had a boy, but he died. But his name was Freddie and he was lovely” doesn’t get any easier. Funny though, people never ask to see a photo, unlike when you have an alive baby that you left at home. I’d love to be asked to show people his photo. I offered once, but the person said “oh no, it would be too upsetting.” He was lovely. I wish I could show him off. I’d like to.

We’ve had an okay week. The diary idea seems to be working just fine; Bank Holiday muddled past but on Tuesday we did lots, including getting on with some GP French, which pleased them all. It’s taking a little time to drop back into things but it was bound to anyway, and Fran is definitely seeming to be motivated by it. She’s done some good science work, got on with history and I’m really impressed with how much her written work is coming on. Today she spent ages translating Latin, having had home work set by Katy and I hardly had to help at all. Whether she’s got it right or not, the effort is lovely to watch.

The others are very happily working away at gradually increasing amounts of stuff; I’m working Maddy and Amelie together on GP books so as to minimise the ffort but they’ve both enjoyed maths and Mathletics and been very busy. The afternoons all last week and this week have been free for playing and art.

We did Latinetc on Wednesday, although it was more Latin/French/Art and me trying not to burn pasta 😆

Today I knew we needed some time outside (what’s the point of HE if you can’t enjoy the sun?) so after we’d done some work and eaten an early lunch, I took them to Sacrewell Farm – the intention had been Burghley, but I forgot horse trials were on so we diverted. (That’s the short version, the long version involves a traffic jam, an ‘adventure back road’ and some swearing!) We still had a really nice time, although they are too old for the farm now I think. There was a sheep race to watch and pond dipping and they explored the water mill and played. Fran and I talked lots about the Second World War as she’s been reading “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit”.





I do so love them.

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  1. says

    Merry and Fran:

    Loved When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and the two other books which Judith Kerr wrote in the 1980s (thereabouts) about her experiences in the Second World War. One of the funny bits is when Max was starting to learn French (Anna’s brother). And of course, there are serious and sad parts in that book. That title really connotes experience and innocence.

    Hope the French in your house is going well. Bonne chance. And of course Latin (and Greek) help a deal with Modern Languages, especially in as far as structure and grammar are concerned.

    Great to have a Bank Holiday which is really a holiday, especially for business people.

  2. says

    I carry photos of Florence in my handbag, I wear her picture around my neck, she’s on my key ring and in my purse. The day a Mum at school asked to see her pictures I cried with joy.
    I think people are so afraid of what they imagine they might see.

  3. says

    Well in one of them, she is squatting slightly but overall yes. Amelie has shot up and Josie hasn’t yet. But there is a bigger ga between Amelie and her than between any of the other girls.

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    We love “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” too. I read all three Kerr books to the older ones a few years ago. Didn’t get on with the last one-can’t remember the title.
    Also loved “Goodnight Mr Tom” and “Private Peaceful” (though thats WWI)

    I don’t have pics of the babies I lost because they were m/c but i would be heart broken if I had photos and no one wanted to look at them! I am so sorry you have to deal with that. I don’t know you well enough to ask to see him, but if you ever want to show them- I would see them and admire.

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    he’s utterly gorgeous. I love the hint of curl in his hair. You must be so proud to have had such a lovely son.
    I am sorry he couldn’t stay longer.

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