My Little Branching Chart

I appreciate this doesn’t really look like maths. Or science.

But it really was.

Fran was doing branching charts and identification in her Galore Park science today; she had to design one to work out which of 8 figures was being identified. It took her a while (logical isn’t her thing any more than it is mine) but with a few goes she got one good enough to work and Maddy tested it with her.

My children have been obsessed with my age old collection of My Little Ponies for the last few weeks and as I’ve forgotten the names of most of them recently, they’ve been using Dream Valley’s Identifier to work some of them out. Once fran had finished her work, we talked about how this was essentially the same as what she’d just been working on and then we had a ‘group idea’.

A big pile of ponies came down and the 4 of them took it in turns to choose one and be asked questions, like the Guess the Animal game we play in the car. They had to try and think of questions that would really narrow down the range and look at how wide the spread of varieties could really be to make it a useful tool. Everyone got very into it and tomorrow we’re going to try and devise our own version. Fran will have to put it on to Powerpoint as I don’t know how to use it 😆

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