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Sorry, this is supposed to be a blog about home educating; the politics and the tragedies seem to have gatecrashed :roll: Mind you, i’d love to think that the politics could take a back seat now but i’m faintly worried we’re going to have to have a revolution first. I cannot believe that we’re in possession of politicians so twisted up that they believe their own spin to the extent they’d say “the public clearly didn’t want the Conservatives as they didn’t get a majority” when the Labour party are refusing to leave office having got less votes or seats. If this was happening in some far flung South American country and was threatening an oil supply, the Labour Party would be spouting forth about democracy and appropriate mandates for government quite happily. But they can’t see the irony in their own behaviour at all. *snort*

The election has provided plenty of education this last week or so and we’ve discussed the history of it, the process, the parties, the words and language of it and the permutations of the current hung parliament. They’ve looked on in astonishment at the situation and how it is playing out – even children can see this doesn’t make sense at all.

Fran and Maddy have been making models ready for an animation they want to do – they enjoyed making Ed Balls i believe.

Election Day 2010

We’ve begun to get back to some normals but we’re also making some changes. I’m going to go back to work next week in the hope that for a while, till we sort ourselves out and make plans, that a bit of time out will help me keep myself together. It is an odd feeling; i’ve spent the last year weaning off business ready for a year with a small baby and so going back is a bitter sweet feeling.

Max is going to do project/topic work with them, something i am not so good with. This week, he has used BBC Bitesize to do an afternoon on angles with all of them, an afternoon on co-ordinates which included a co-ordinate based treasure hunt around the house and electronics. He is very good at that sort of thing.

The girls had a good week at gym; Fran cracked her ‘upstart’ and is learning some other new moves and Amelie is doing very well too. And we’ve done other stuff too, including lots of music; it is taking a long time (it feels) to get some pace back. None of us from Max to Josie and everyone in between, can quite concentrate. But we are working on it.

One of the hardest bits has been watching Josie playing. She is doing lots of role play to work out her feelings over Freddie; this week i’ve watched her make a playmobile neonatal unit, play dollies with them having brain and breathing problems and put all her dolls to bed with Freddie style comforters keeping their heads warm. It is difficult. Healthy, but difficult. I need to know they work all this through – i really don’t want baggage into adulthood, or not more than is inevitable, anyway.

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  1. Rachel says

    Harriet does the play thing too, we have intensive care and she put lines in dollys. I think sometimes kids process things in a much more honest way than adults do. When Joe was very sick she said one morning “but I just want to keep him” it brought a lump to everyones throats but she said what very one was thinking.

    Still thinking of you all.

    gentle hugs

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