Christmas Fimo Models & Needle Felting

On Monday we went to Zoe’s for the day; Zoe had got ready this lovely Christmas Pudding recipe for us to make and orchestrated 2 bowlfuls of pudding. Hopefully we can make cakes next week too :)


While she did that i got shifts of girls doing felting and everyone made something or started on something. My lot have have continued this yesterday and today with varied success and great pleasure, while watching Horrible Histories dvds and listening to Tom’s Midnight Garden. Since they are all deeply snuffly as well as extremely overtired and whimpery, sedentary crafting with educational watching was perfect.

The felting results were good – and quite surprising too with some surprising successes from those not normally particularly given to artistic moments.



Josie’s Christmas Tree.

Maddy’s Xmas Tree

Amelie’s Angel (ALL her own work!)

Fran’s teddy.

My 3D Christmas Tree made from scraps.

Fran’s 3D apple.

There are various other things under construction now too; it has been popular. We got our felting supplies from Sara’s ebay shop which has all her accessories but also some extra wool felting from her website which was lovely and easy to use. She has an inspiring flickr stream too.

As a quick back track, Fran went to The Foundling Museum with Michelle and Co and had a wonderful time with them, learning lots and being very inspired by it all. We had a wonderful evening with them all on their return :) Thank you.

Now they’ve been given, i can blog our Secret Santa gifts too as they took lots of time and effort over them.



Fran’s. (Friend’s and Family only as has a name on it.)


I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of Amelie’s :(

Yesterday finished with gym and rhythmic for the big 3 and a VERY early night for Josie. Fran was enjoying doing ‘flic walk outs’ which is a backwards walk over followed by a flic from standing. Looks terrifying.

As my children (and i) seem better for long sleeps, i am taking them out to run off some steam shortly. I am suffering from slightly too many afflictions of pregnancy to want to do anything and as neither standing or sitting are appealing, i shall hope sitting with a hot drink and a book will do better.

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    Ha, I love yours – M, M & C, right? Excellent! The others are lovely too – Maddy’s very impressive and Fran’s beautifully stitched :)