Colours everywhere.

Science today; H did fab Chromatography with the children – i TA’d for the younger ones and was very impressed by the results from using M&Ms as part of science!

G did an excellent job of getting the kids to illustrate a story with percussion instruments and i was rather touched by the fact that the ones chosen to read (i assume by other kids) were the one with slightly imperfect speech (Fran) and the French boy, M. Love inclusive and accepting HE kids.

I ran the stitching class as normal and then K came back from her trip out and did raucous Latin followed by French in the field with the parachute. All very good.

Got home and managed to have 2 full on teen-parent arguments with Fran :roll: (i was as patient as possible) and then took her and Josie out to gym. Max pulled a late one at work so i cooked dinner, the kids watched a film and everyone, particularly the stroppy ones, had an early night.

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