The Company Image, darling.


I am a bit in love with this, it’s going to be my first ever business christmas card :)

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  1. Sarah says

    saw it on flickr first, but yes it is lovely! I can’t get into the idea of sending company Christmas cards. I suppose e-cards would be ok. Who are you planning to send them to, customers or suppliers? or just anyone?

  2. site admin says

    Suppliers really, just feel the need to do some thanking this year – i’ve had a lot of help and favours over the last 12 months.

  3. Barbara says

    That really is lovely :)

    But I do get offended by companies using Christmas cards as a form of advertising to make sure I remember who they are. Nice to send them to suppliers though, with a personal message. Or even to get a card as a customer with my name handwritten in (by the same hand that signs the card) and some reference that they know who I am (eg a personal reference to the actual product or service that I have bought) would be fine. I’d happily hand that up with the rest of my cards.

    I generally hate receiving company cards as a customer, though. The one I hate most is from a friend of mine. We always get a regular card anyway to the family, from the family, but because we’re also on their company books as a customer (my friend’s husband is a mortgage advisor and he does our mortgage) I always get their company card too. Why does he feel the need to send us this card too? I suspect he doesn’t even register that we are getting one as he sits in his office at 3am signing all those anonymous company cards. Which somehow makes it worse. It never even has our name in, just his sig (and of course no mention of his wife and children). I suspect he just signs a bunch of cards and gets his PA to stuff them all in envelopes with addresses pulled off the computer. I always throw that card in the bin as soon as I receive it as it was clearly sent with so little real thought and means nothing. It’s just advertising. Maybe his sig in the family card is done with not much more thought, as Claire hands him a bunch of cards to add his sig to, but at least he might read the names and know where the card is going. I wouldn’t even mind if they used the company card as their family card. It’s just the lack of thought that goes behind most company cards that I find in some ways actually disrespectful and offensive.

    But Sarah, don’t do e-cards! I think that’s worse! E-cards are used so often to send spam, that an e-card from a company would give me a very bad impression of that company. At least have the decency to pay for a stamp!

  4. Sarah says

    lol, don’t worry, we probably just won’t bother, why change the bah humbug habit of a lifetime! Or we ‘ll skip the card part and go straight to the bottle of wine! That’s what we’ve done before for suppliers/traders that we deal with regularly.

    I suppose I was thinking more of a Christmas newsletter from BM, with the tree logo on, to customers – that would obviously come by email (and I wouldn’t be offended to get one, must come shopping at BM before Christmas anyway!).

  5. site admin says

    Lol, Babs, this would be a very genuine seasons greetings to people who have helped me and if it didn’t have BM on it, none of them would know who i was even so i expect!

    Nice idea about the Xmas newsletter though, i’ll do that.

    Not sending a card to all my customers though – i have over 7000 on my books now!

  6. Alison says

    Very pretty :) Great to have it so personalised (businessalised?) too, rather than a generic winter scene.

  7. SallyM says

    Its beautiful, hope you have more luck printing yours than I am having printing mine *grump some more* !