Working it to the Max

I did have a vague plan to declutter the house and educate children yesterday but the children very definitely had other ideas and then when the delivery arrived, so did i! Fortunately, having already done more than enough stuff to satisfy any wandering educational expert (Fran refused an offer from me to cut short her EC quota!), they all fell on the Hama with glee. The new Maxi stuff, in particular, is lovely and Ams has really enjoyed it. This was good as she was distinctly wobbly about the previous days nut thing at times.

Maddy is on a slight slide, so had just played guitar for ages, but brightened up with dolphins and penguins to make and i spent the afternoon unpacking and putting away while answering all manner of odd questions. We covered the 30’s depression and dustbowl this morning, but lots of stuff popped up yesterday too.

Best thing last night though, if you’ll pardon me bragging about my husband, was dh coming home with the yearly bonus letter. This year, by dint of a lot of his hard work and being a manager grade, his cut was pretty good anyway, but having got the top grade at his recent assessment and having really worked hard in driving their product forward, he got awarded an extra bonus, which was nearly half as much again.

I’m so proud of him; lots of this stems from the night 2 years ago when he stumbled down in the early hours, while i was still working and announced he had invented something. He scribbled it down and went back to bed. The company implemented it, (we have his inventors cheque to prove it!) and it works, paving the way for a new line of more eco-friendly engines. And now they’ve given him so reward for his work; the money almost seems incidental tbh, it will all go into the mortgage which was our plan from when we first took on an interest only mortgage. What i’m proud of is that they’ve recognised his contribution and that he has done that without compromising his family life by being there till late at night every day.

And of course, we will now own our front hallway as well as the kitchen, so we can start working on buying the dining room. We might manage the downstairs loo by next year 😉

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    Well done Max!! What a clever old bloke you are! And you make good rice and vegetables too so you must be clever :)