This evening i am looking through a list of 250 credit/debit card number prefixes to spot the ones which i need to alter into bracketty format to make my site accept cards. Delicious. :roll:

Today, we have mostly chilled out; Josie is exceptionally miserable and has come out in hand and foot blisters (and mouth i would guess which might explain the reluctance to bfeed) and has also got odd weals around her mouth too. She is extremely cross.

Amelie has crashed particularly suddenly this evening; came home wailing from a trip out, refused to get out of the car, sobbed about bright lights and a headache and then started to shake violently, before zonking out in my bed without even asking for any of the birthday tea. She’s on hourly rash/panic watch at the moment despite my concerted attempt not to panic about it.

Maddy had a lovely, and very quiet but very her, day. She adored her Little Mermaid playset, which i saw and just HAD to get her and looks gorgeous in her dress too. Learing from experiences we’ve had to guide her through, she did fantastically well at being pleased with her presents and saying thank yous rather than dwelling on the items she’d requested and didn’t get (she’s a specific list girl!) and thoroughly deserved her spoiling. She even put aside two to open when daddy got home, a major achievement for her :)


We did bits and bobs of maths books, EC and so on all morning, plus some film watching for the fast failing little ones, then Sue and Mini-Violet and Mummy and Baby Flower came over. Mummy Flower (MF for short) is going to do some bits of work for me and Sue has offered to come on Mondays and entertain the kids so i can work or shop, or plan or do whatever i need. The forces seem to be rally round me at the moment, i must be looking like i’m falling over 😆

The big two have had dancing lessons, we’ve had birthday tea, i’ve blown a few Weightwatchers points and now i’m gonig back to work. Tomorrow is another day (with more sick people in it no doubt).

And as an aside, here is someone not to be caught in a small tin can in outer space with!

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  1. Nic says

    Mine have both had hand, foot and mouth years ago and it wasn’t nice. D couldn’t even bear a dummy in his mouth (it really was *years* ago, can’t quite believe D ever had dummies now :lol:) – he got it from nursery – very contagious. Maybe Melrose did have a stealth disease after all.

    Hope she’s better today and that Amelie has woken up OK too.

  2. says

    Yep, definitely HFM and yep, it has gone round Melrose like a dose of proverbial salts!

    Ah well. :) They seem mildly improved today.

  3. Hannah says

    Urgh, Aaliya had HF&M last winter. The absolute worst, I’ve never seen her so upset with any other illness she’s had – just screamed all day and nigth and didn’t eat or drink whilst she had the blisters in her mouth.
    Hope Josie makes a speedy recovery.
    It’s part of the pox family, I think, and spreads much the same – although none of my others caught it from Aaliya when she had her bout.