This time 7 years ago….


… so the story goes, i looked round the living room, said “you know what, we’ve painted this room half silk and half matt so you better repaint one half because i’m having a baby.” And then i went and sat in the bath to try and make it stop, but it didn’t and at 10.55pm i defeated the considerable odds of Peterborough Maternity Unit’s anti-natural-birth policy and had my one and only vbac, much to their dismay i think!

Maddy, my one and only in so many ways, 7 years on and i still don’t really know you. I can read your body language like an open book, i understand so many things about you that make other people think i am mad even now, but i haven’t unlocked what makes you tick. But i will.

Can’t believe you are 7 :)

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