We a-dora Dora!


From left – mine, Fran’s, Amelie’s and Maddy’s Dora the Explorer. Maddy naturally had to add some embellishments!

Quote of the day from Amelie
“Mummy, i know what your daddy does for a job. He bites newspapers!”

“Erm, no… he WRITES newspapers darling – but close!”

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  1. Alison says

    ROFL! Can imagine Ams thinking that that’s a job she could really appreciate 😉

    Love the models :)

  2. hannah says

    We have had a sudden increase in Dora appriciation in the last month. LOL at Maddy and her keen eye. I just don’t notice anything. Aaliya looked at Samee in his orange short p.j’s the other morning and said ‘Dora has shorts like that’. All I could mentally counjour up of her was how her head is so much larger than anyone elses, including her parents.