R.E.S.C.U.E… Rescue Aid Society!!!!!

Rescue Merry Society more like…. the girls have been singing this theme from The Rescuers all blimming day, sadly without actually managing to get the lyrics right until i all but held Fran up against a wall by the neck until i she could at least spell ‘rescue’ – it seems an extraordinarily soupy Disney film but they do seem to like the old ones and it was a freebie from Js so..well.. so.

We’ve had quite a good day today, everyone seemed motivated and cheerful for most of it at any rate. Fran is still a bit white and hot and has retired to bed st various points, mostly to play barbies i think, but seems to be on the up. I did engineer “forgetting” gym though as she didn’t really look up to it and Moo won’t care one way or the other. Couldn’t be bothered to have a confrontation with Fran over it as she’d already wept wholeheartedly when the foot fell off yet another ballet barbie. She has now been mended with elastic band, micropore and a pink woollen leg-warmer and promoted to teacher status due to sports injury 😆

Maddy did a mountain of maths today, whisking through a 5-7 workbook that has been on the shelf for an age. She certainly doesn’t have any problems grasping concepts; i can remember wrestling with the idea of 1 bead on an abacus meaning 10 with Fran for ages but Maddy got that and halves and quarters and a variety of other ideas instantly. Meanwhile Fran was doing some of a 8-9 Explorers maths book on thousands (she is so dappy at times!) but although she was convinced she didn’t get it (mainly as she didn’t want to bother engaging brain) she actually did the entire thing perfectly. Then she got on with some more writing practise and seemed pleased with the results. I don’t think she’s been on the computer but everyone else has; Maddy has completed a level of Bear and Penguin (less phased by the timer this time and she managed the Supergame without help) and Amelie has decided she wants to learn to read so she started on Studydog.

This afternoon we’ve got out some watercolours and done some wet on wet painting. i really must get some sort of art course because i have no talent at all and just can’t lead them to anything. However, we’ve had fun and it was nice to use real paints. We chucked salt at a few too and that was fun.


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  1. Alison says

    I’m sure we have had the film here, but I must have avoided it as I can’t remember it at all, lol! I used to love the books when I was young though, still have a couple.

    Can’t find The Lottie Project – dunno if Gwenny bought it or if it’s gone back to the library. There are half a dozen pages of it on the Look Inside on amazon.com though, see how it looks for Fran?

  2. says

    Ah, never thought of looking on .com – that looks about right for her actually. Excellent, i’ll look out for it.

    Are there books of The Rescuers? Dunno why i assumed it was an original idea of Disney’s now i think about it! lol. Will have to look for those too!

  3. Alison says

    Someone Sharp … Margery? Yeah, there are quite a lot I think :) Oooh, just had a quick Google, and Garth Williams illustrated the original The Rescuers book – cool :) Mine are post-1977 film versions with Disney pics on the front.

  4. says

    That is quite an appealing idea – Fra has been reading to the middle two quite a bit this week; if they aren’t too hard, they’d probably like those 😀