It’s been such a busy few weeks; gcse’s looming, 2 shows to get the kids through, all the school upheaval, trying to launch a new website (STILL trying to do that) and a cello exam, plus all the ordinary gym things.

If I get to sit down at all, it seems to be about 10.30pm. I’ve started drinking tea late at night to keep me awake long enough to have an evening. That’s all wrong.

But today everyone has decided to have a day off. We’ve lunched together, talked about our favourite Roald Dahl books, there is playing happening.

I’m doing this:-


To add to this:-


Only a few more days until that day is here again. For the 4th time.

It’s good to be distracted.

Josie has new glasses. Bene has a bike. Just an ordinary day.



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  1. downssideup says

    You are so incredible clever, I adore your daffodil patchwork flowers. A lovely post about the simplicity and complex busy-ness of family life. H x

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