Dream come true.

Last night, while lying in bed pondering the unfathomable, uncompromisable problem of current reality, i had a bit of a vision. I suddenly saw myself sat at the table with Maddy, playing with geomags and creating different sizes of pyramids.

So today, we did it and she had just as much fun in real life as she was having in my momentary dream :)



As ever, Maddy amazed me with her stickability and her intuition. I loved watching her look at, play with and explore her creation. She got all the panels in herself and was completely delighted to have exactly the right number.


Fran got in on the act too and was unusually absorbed in it. Her crowning glory of the day was this pyramid, made after our foray to Toys R Us, where we found geomags on special offer. Particularly enjoyed being able to naturally talk dimensions, repeating patterns and regular and irregular shapes with them, without a workbook in sight.


The morning was cloudy, so no hope of seeing the eclipse sadly, which disappointed Fran. Was noticeably gloomy though. I’d love to see a proper total one, the 1999 one was great, we were in Exeter, but cloudy too, although we did get to see the shadow roll in across the Estuary.

Nursery went better today. I decided to give it one more go before i went to the “call your bluff but be prepared to have it called back” approach, on the grounds i wanted her to have a positive memory of it to work from. So i maintained a brisk approach in the morning, asking her to “give it one more try” and reassuring her that i was happy to let her go so long as she was happy and we’d all be looking forward ot her coming home. We went in, she looked dubious, her teacher was on hand with a tantalising Amelie special, Ammi dropped my hand, took hers and was off. And had a lovely time. Certainly she seemed much happier and more positive about it tonight.

I’d like her to have it and enjoy it, the older two look back on it so fondly, but it amazes me that the teacher, who knows all 3 girls fairly well, is amazed Ammi is naturally more confident than ther other two were at that age. I’m not convinced its for her, but i don’t want ot deny her the chance to stretch a little. My gut instinct its, that with her experience of HE life, homes and families, she spots it as an entirely fake experience. And who can blame her.

So the jury is still out – and i’ve got awful guilt as i watched and overheard something tonight which i judged briefly in my head then spotted some woeful similarities. :( What AM i doing?

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  1. Barbara says

    I remember the 1999 eclipse too. We were due to have our (belated) honeymoon that week in Budapest. Flights were booked and everything. Left accommodation to the last minute, not realising it was *that* week and that Budapest was directly under the path (and there was a racing thing too). Ended up having to cancel the lot :( Still waiting for my Budapest honeymoon…