Amelie Foot Update Part One

Sunday: As it stands (ha!… or doesn’t stand might be more appropriate), Amelie has done a significant amount of damage to her foot, merely by doing a perfectly normal warm up activity where she happened to go over on one foot. The first trip to A&E left us believing she had just hurt some ligaments and she had a back slab cast to support it for a few days. However, we went back to get that removed and a rather more concerned consultant decided that as a gymnast and dancer, she needed a bit more attention. He was concerned by the pain she was in and the peak on her foot and sent her first for another x-ray and then for a ct scan. he was concerned that a vertical ligament in the centre of her foot had potentially broken which might be (in his words) a gymnast career ending injury. Gym is one thing, she enjoys it but it isn’t her passion, but I was immediately deeply fearful for her dancing.

I was quite impressed we got all this done in one day, I have to say. X-ray, ct scan, lots of consulting, a referral to come back to see a foot and ankle specialist.

The ct scan revealed a broken metatarsal around her toe region and a fragment of bone pulled away with the ligament in question. It didn’t seem as bad as he feared it might be though and some of the pain could at least then be attributed to the previously undiscovered break.

Leg in a boot.

She’s currently in a walking boot, so at least more mobile than on crutches. We’ve avoided another cast with this for a week anyway as heat and cast were making it really dreadful for her. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow when we see the specialist; I suspect it could go either way.

Whatever happens or gets said tomorrow (surgery is already mooted as a possibility) I wanted to write how impressed I’ve been with her. She’s made the best of it, been sensible and is being brave. She was in the room when they said this was potentially significant in terms of the things she loves to do and she knows the peak on her foot may not go – which means it will be visible to anyone who might ever assess her as a dancer. Her whole future potentially changed in one moment and she knows it – and she’s being very matureĀ  about it. SO proud of you Ams.

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    Oh blimey – I’m not surprised you’re proud of her. I loved dancing as a kid (considered going to uni to study dance, so it was a huge part of my life) and I’d have been in bits if I’d have had a similar injury. Hope it heals quickly and everything is ok!

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    Oh gosh, so sorry this has happened! Will hope and pray for a good solid recovery. Sounds like she is handling it all with grace.

    This summer my musician (who plans on working as a church muscician and teacher) 11-yo tore a ligament from the knuckle at the base of his finger. We were very concerned it would have a long term detrimental affect on his ability to play piano and organ; in the end it was five weeks of healing and so far so good.

    Am really hoping it will go as well for Amelie!

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    Does a parent every get used to the injuries and illnesses that come as part of the job? One of my boys had a similar injury a few months back and I think it hurt me more than it hurt him. I hope she gets well soon

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