Lego Unimog Maddy Heaven : Review

The best thing in the entire world about having a blog that gets offers of reviewing products is that quiet and unassuming people like Maddy sometimes get to review things that I wouldn’t be able to justify spending money on at anytime that wasn’t a birthday or Christmas.


And even then it would be a stretch because much as I love Lego and love everything it does for my kids, £150 is a proper sized present, not an impulse buy, in this house.


You have no idea how much pleasure and joy Lego Technic brings Maddy. (The picture may give you a clue). I absolutely do not, in any way, see the appeal. For me, Lego isn’t about building things that move, it is about making pretty things…

My children think they are so funny. #addedtoit #lego
(Please ignore the mini Minifigures my children thought it was funny to add to that.)

When I was little, to my Mum’s despair, I just made model dogs, horses, stables and kennels and twittered away to myself for hours in my own little Lego world. But for Maddy and Max, this model epitomises everything they love about Lego… they can talk hydraulics and pistons and… erm… you know,m stuff like that. They can spend hours fiddling about with tiny gears and bits that move and in the end… hurrah… they have something that looks like this!

I also have a video clip of it in action but as I used Instagram’s newfangled Harry Potter style video clip thing, I can’t embed it… so you will have to go and look.

Clearly, judging by the fact that Maddy and Max had their heads in this together to a good £15 hours or so, I’d say this is a good kit. Good value for money. Cleverly made and enough techno babble floated around for me to assume it does engineer-y things. (Technical term). They liked. It’s in my lounge. I’m thrilled. etc etc. :lol: I’ve asked them if it is value for money and both said they would be thrilled with it as a main present. So I reckon that is a yes :lol:

It’s about time someone asked me to review either a tummy tuck or something pretty. I REALLY need a new kitchen.

Disclosure: We were sent this Lego kit free of charge to review for Idealo a comparison site which helps you find the items you want at the best price. Looks pretty good, I’d say :)