A little light crafting.

Ah. back on form with some easy pun titles. I just wrote this post once and it failed to save and left no draft. I’m totally cheesed off now.

Customising the lampshades with buttons. I think I like.

Here is my pretty little button lampshade. I’m trying a new tack to help keep my 40 day cluttering working long term. Not surprisingly clutter has crept back but I never got to the making pretty bit. :( So I thought I would try to do one declutter alongside one creative home making thing and inspire myself that way. So to go alongside this, I took 33kg of old clothing that couldn’t reasonably go anywhere else to a cash converter thing and got £16.50 for it. That easily paid for the craft. Hey hey, look, frugal, craft and declutter all in one post!

This light was bought at The Range, in two bits, I didn’t like the shades that came with it and then I used Dovecraft buttons from my new haberdashery and craft supplies shop. Fabric glue worked fine and I’m really pleased with the result.

Love it. Buttons forever.

You’d think I would have so much more time now the girls are all at school. It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve also been hiding from the realities of such a big life change by playing a lot of Animal Crossing. I’m a bit hooked but missing my crochet. Perhaps now things are settling, I’ll even get back to craft blogging. I shall miss Maddy for doing that though :(

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    I did something similar a while ago. I wanted a change but did’nt want to buy new lamps. I bought a big bag of buttons and covered the whole shade (actually I did 3). Its almost like a stained glass effect when they are on – very cosy :)
    How does the clothing cash convertor work?

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