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“I Let You Go” book review & “How I Write” by Clare Mackintosh.

A little more than three years ago I sat at a coffee shop table with 2 friends and we talked about life, blogging, parenting, loss and writing. We all swore to write a book and now Clare, alongside the other friend I met that day, has done it. Not only has Clare Mackintosh written a […]


Coming Up Roses: a book review.

Rachael Lucas is one of my very oldest online friends (and latterly a real life one too… I have the honour of having shared a number of hotel rooms with her and had an inadvertent midnight cuddle from her too 😉 ) and it is only because of that that I’m going to forgive her […]


Sponsored Post: Baking Myself Proud

So last week I mentioned how I was working on my baking skills. I thought long and hard and realised that more than the birthdays which festoon the Spring for us, I wanted to celebrate something else. I wanted to celebrate the hard work towards AS levels, GCSEs, exams, dancing shows and gym competitions that […]

My Crafting

I made a pretty thing

Sunday Stitches: Crochet Bolster Cushion Cover

This is a quick one from a few months back. I’m currently deeply engaged in the Fritha Mandala, now on a second incarnation with some testers helping me prepare a pattern. I never did write this one up and I love it really so I thought I’d show it off. It lives in my living […]

Happy birthday to our lovely baby boy Freddie, who should be 5 today. Always missed. #daffodilboy #babyloss #crochet #springwreath #spring

Sunday Stitches: Crochet Daffodil Wreath

Just in the nick of time, the daffodil wreath got finished. I find it really helps me to make something in the run up to Freddie’s birthday. Out of eye shot of the girls who expect it to be the actual days that bother me, I’m able to process a lot of the emotions and […]

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Family Life

Action bunny! Juniper was in jail for playing rough. He had his hop about after.

Rabbit Sagas.

We’ve had a lot of rabbits over the years. There was Peter who we bought when Fran was 4 and didn’t live a long life, catching myxi at the vets when he was a bit more than 2. He had a mate, called Button who got lonely so Peter was replaced with Smartie, who was […]

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Kids Crafts

Hot cross bun #bostikbloggers

Our Spring & Easter Crafts

Continuing in my marvellous ‘blogging it for next year’ tradition 😉 This years Easter crafting comes courtesy of our Bostik Bloggers box again. With the girls getting bigger now I either get LOTS of collaboration or none – I need Bene to get a bit bigger and start to want to make things too! This […]

#valentinecrafts #bostikcraftbloggers

I suspect this will be the worst timed Valentine post ever.

I’m sticking with my ‘blogging it for next year’ meme. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, having been that kid who never once got the rose delivery to the classroom on the big day at school. It’s a humiliation you don’t get over until you are old and jaded enough […]

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more cake

Sponsored Post: Baking yourself happy!

I’ve only recently discovered the delights of baking; I’ve tended to avoid it in the past, given I can’t manage not to eat the proceeds and I more or less put on weight by looking at calories. But lately I’ve had an urge to send my children out of the house with something filled with […]

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Home Improvements


A living room I finally love.

Last year my dad (and daughters) helped me paint the living room to freshen it up and make it fit together better. The brown walls had got a bit old and dirty and it all felt too cold and muddied. A couple of friends warned me against a particular brand of paint but of course […]


4 Box Decluttering.

I’ve been a bit slow on getting my 4 box challenge underway, though I did actually use the system I was sent a couple of months back. Annoyingly though, I forgot to take my before and after photos. As you can see though, the 4 boxes came in very handy when I did a speedy […]

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Life after Child Loss


And again. 

5 years ago today was Freddie’s due date. I’ve thought about that, rather than him, a lot today. How I could have demanded that scan harder, or listened to my doubts harder. How I could have bottled it and asked for him to come out today.  5 years ago I thought I was on the […]


Tripping up.

I was afraid of her, the woman with the cruel eyes and the taunting expression. She held me close to her with my necklace and I could feel her breath on me as real as I could feel the eyes of the helpless watchers outside. She wanted to hurt me and I knew she would. […]

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Reviews, Comps & Everything Else

Cooking with #marleyspoon #tw

Review: Discovering great meals with Marley Spoon.

It’s fair to say that our meals tend to come in at the budget, simple and quick end of the scale. When you have a houseful of variously young and/or picky eaters and a limited spend per head, exotic eating does not tend to be high on the list of priorities – filling tummies is […]

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